You know people are suffering because of pollution ?

Maybe not… we’re all too spoiled to feel the pain

I came across RiceBunny’s twitter page (Michelle Phan) and saw this article (click here ) that just make me stop breathing for a while. I’ve always thought I’m one of those people who are already really conscious and up-to-date when it comes to pollution, climate changes and other environmental issues. I guess I was wrong.

Sometimes, pictures speak better than words. Or stats. Here are a few shots (to know better, click on the link I provide in the previous paragraph) that freelance photographer Hu Guang took from his native country. All credits goes to
Click to see picture (Description below)

“In Some areas of China people’s lives were threatened because of the environmental pollution. Residents suffering from all kinds of obscured diseases, the cancer villages, increase of deformed babies, these were the results of sacrificing environment and blindly seeking economical gain.

Click at your own risk (description of the pic below)

“64-year-old Wang Baosheng got ill since 2003, he has fester all over his body so he cannot go to bed and lying face down on the edge of the bed each day.”

These pictures were taken in 2005. Can you imagine how people are living now ?

Do keep in mind that whether you believe that our Earth is really warming up or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that, if you know how our bad habits and greediness, both traits that wouldn’t harm to change, can cause sufferance to others, then the best thing a human can do to another is to at least be cooperative and spare each other a healthy life.

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SHE’S 18 SHE’S 18 SHE’S 18



I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU except the fact that yourpostalsystemisliketurtlesandyourpostmandrinkstoomuchcoffeewhen heshouldbedeliveringmails

hmm, he’s not so bad after all

Hope the stomachache’s over soon. Next time, eat good food!

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Yo yo yo what’s up?!

Brand new sparkling layout designed and coded by none other than soiia la la. All I did was copy & paste the codes hee hee. I love this orange colour. Depending how you look at it, it can be suitable for both winter (up north) and summer (down here). For you in the cold, think of it as a warm sunshine, hopefully it warms you up a little. While I like to think of it as refreshing icy soft drink in a hot summer day (orange fanta, anyone?). Good job, soiia.

There’s also a bunch of online shop reviews added if you want to check tje, out (here, right at the bottom), taken straight from my shopping blog. Yeah, I’m lazy like that.

ANDDDDDD someone’s birthday coming sooooooooooon. Soiia’s turning 18 on tuesday, october 20th. As far as I know she’s going Thai for her birthday. YUM.

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One tutorial up!

Another one should follow…

As I said in the cbox, I meant to update with two new tutorials, but now, I’m putting the 2nd one in pending mode, because it is an effect I saw a while ago and want to share it with you guys. HOWEVER, I am NOT the one who came up with the idea, which is why I’m slightly hesitant because it is quite an original idea and I don’t want people thinking I copy the author of the effect (I completely lost her name; she’s a member on deviantart, so it’s really hard to look up for her). So yeah, I’ll figure out a solution sooner or later.

I’ve uploaded a really simple tutorial on patterns, hoping that people will find the use in it and won’t lose too much time recreating simple background everytime they Ps when there’s an obvious shortcut 🙂 I’m so itchy to Ps more, but I’m a bit late in my school work 😛 Actually, I’m not late… I just have a lot to do +_+ But still, check out the tutorial and do comment!

Rant alert*

A week ago, I went to a crêpes and pastries restaurant to celebrate my friend’s birthday (people who know me well know that I’m a huge crêpe fan – so bad that I have a recipe on crêpes, so check it out!). It was heaven:


It was sooooo good; the crêpe (pancake if you prefer) was thin and soft and the fruits were <3 ! The hazelnut ice cream was great too… I feel like I can’t even explain how good it is; you HAVE to pay yourself a flight over here to eat this pancake 😀 ! Joke, my point is, for those who have never tried any pastries restaurants – by that I mean a restaurant that 90% of the food on their menu is sweet goodies – you DEFINITELY have to try… o you’ll regret for life D:

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You know what’s uncool about growing up?

It’s the eating part

Many of you out there are so lucky without knowing it. When you come home from school, you are either guaranteed that mommy is there to make you dinner, or mommy has made food before leaving to work and all you have to do is warm that up in the microwave and tadaa! You’re happy.

In my case, I’m not oh-so lucky, because both of my parents are wayyy too busy to do any of that and I don’t blame them; they come home late and leave relatively early. If it were me, I wouldn’t really have the force to cook something…

…which lead to my situation. I had class early so I left with a cup of coffee in stomach and a banana as breakfast. After a relatively long day, I come home at 5 and home, oh sweet home, the fridge is empty and sad thus I have to run to the grocery store in front and buy something (not too expensive – I can’t affort to eat fancy salmon everyday, I’m running broke) because I’m sick of ramen (ahem, instant) or cereals for lunch AND dinner -_- Man this suck big time.

So next time before you complain to mommy “we already ate this 5678 times!”, remind yourself that soiia once ate cereals and milk for breakfast, lunch AND dinner O_O. However, what makes today special is that I actually made myself something decent : Pork Chop… <3

Want the recipe? Go ask mommy. Not me, I’m not a mommy :O

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You know what’s trendy? Plants.

Especially those that produce a L O T of oxygen

I’m pretty sure I’m not spilling any hot news by telling you that our Earth is dying (and drying) and if we don’t do anything immediately, we WILL have to spend a fortune on sunscreen in the near future. Gosh, I hate greasy sunscreen.

Before anyone rolls their eyes at me and say “oh no, not another tree hugger”, let me tell you that I’m not trying to turn your life upside down by telling you to shower for only 2 minutes to save water and throw away your cars for public transport (though it wouldn’t be such a bad idea), I’m just proposing this deal with your guys and hope you can alllll spread the word 😛

So, the deal is: Grow a plant somewhere. It can be in your bedroom, your house or even at work! Propose it as a project at school, if you are looking for some extra credits 😛
However don’t just grow any plant, but grow one that produce a lot of oxygen since we need it so badly, and while our forests are shrinking, let’s all do a small little something so you can sleep well at night and tell yourself “Ah, I just made oxygen today”.

Once again, before you complain that you don’t have enough room at your place to grow a plant, don’t worry because I’m not telling you to grow a mango tree -_- I’m just gonna propose these three typical indoor plants:

*Sorry that you can’t see clearly the other two plants. But that’s not important since you have the name to go buy it 😀

I got this plants’ name from a really cool video on (link : ) that you can check out if you have some ‘green’ assignment to do because videos presented on are actually reliable (not like youtube) so it’s perfectly good for you to credit in an assignment.

With those plants you can basically clean up the air in an average size bedroom without any other cleaning air machine (God knows how we call them), and if you really care, you can even open your window to let the polluted air come into your room before you leave for school and let the plant do us an offer by eating the carbon dioxide in the air and rejecting the holy oxygen 😛 Everyone will be happy, and Trang, even happier, because it was her birthday recently. HAppy birthday Trang =) you’re turning 18 and still can’t legally drink 😀 (while at my place, 18yr old is legal and drinkable). Wish you lots of oxygen and veggies for radiant skin 🙂

Original sunflower stock taken from *m0thyyku at DeviantArt
“Earth” Stock taken from Hilda at DeviantArt

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Two new textures

*edit: so sorry i didn’t re-read. There were mistakes everywhere!

That’s the highlight update: Two new coloured textures. One is grungy-ish and the other is light-toned and ideal to enhance colours or it can be used as a light background for a wallpaper (talking about wallpaper, Jaejoong’s wallie is still… under construction).

I’ve been thinking these days and notice that many people sometimes have those ‘blue’ moment when they simply feel deprived/sad/upset or any kind of mood related to a state of being that is not comfortable. The “I feel so sad yet don’t know why” phrase might be familiar to you, either because you’re the one saying it or someone in your life says it.

A few reminders to get out of those blue moments

I did a small research on that and usually, you don’t feel well because a part of you is gradually confronting your ‘outer’ self. For example, you can be mad at someone, but because you think it is silly to be mad at such a small issue, you tell yourself you have no reason to be mad. That’s the rational part of you taking over. The real thing is that, inside, you are still mad or disturbed by this certain small issue thus you will feel discomfort or unhappiness (Look up for Freud’s theory about psychoanalysis if you’re reallllly interested – I’m simply writing 0,0000001% of his huge honourable theory).

There is no such thing as “I don’t know why I’m sad, I just feel like crying”. Most of the time is that you must be frustrated about SOMETHING, yet you don’t want to accept it.

A good example is that you might be envious of someone, but who wants to vant that he/she is jealous of another person? It’s simply not something to talk out loud. So either you accept that the other person is better than you in a certain aspect because there will always be a someone better than you, OR you give all what you can to surpass that person in a healthy way, please.

Another example is when you’re mad at someone in your family. You’re in a sort of ambiguous situation where you don’t want to be mad at your dad/mom/sister/brother, yet you can’t help it. From personal experiences, I can tell you the only way to stay sane in those family issues is to talk things out. By keeping it to yourself, you’re going to dig a deeper and deeper hole in yourself, until you can’t get out and understand what’s going on. It sounds quite selfish what I’m about to tell you, but if you’re scared to hurt the other family member, tell yourself that you can’t hurt yourself for the sake of someone else. How can you take care and love someone else, if you can’t even deal with yourself? First thing first.

And to end this post, here’s a cute penguin I saw on a site the other day :

*Please go check out Shelley’s tips on “How to stay happy” if you’re not feeling well. She has the worst way to make you laugh =)

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We’re still around, don’t worry

Either we’re in love with school, or hating school like hell

Yeah, you read it right. I don’t know for the others (well, I can have an easy guess about that), but I’m totally in love with school right now: I like what I learn and I like my teachers (what an important factor). I have a pretty personalize schedule that fits my living habit and hobbies. In other words, I rarely have morning courses which is holy great! I understand people that want to start early and finish early, but I just can’t wake up at 6am everyday. That’s just plain not good for my spoiled system 😀

On a more related subject, I realllly want to change layout. I remember telling this in a certain post that THIS layout was meant to be temporary. My ass. I end up leaving it for almost 3 whole months. I’ll probably plead jie to help me posting the new one (which is not even designed xD) up and running….soon. Disclaimer: I’m actually not THAT busy right now, but plain lazy 😛

Oh, I made flan about a week ago with bf:

* Seriously, it tasted really good. you guys definitely should try the recipe that I got from (the “Flan II” recipe). It’s really simple and quick. I’m pretty sure other recipes might give an even better result, but I’m way too cheap to invest in more products, I’m broke because of schoolbooks.

Another one hehe

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We all have to be nerds. Or at least try to.

Mini shoutouts to my dear visitors in moments of desperation

The situation is pretty much a classic. After an hour or so of good study time, things get heavier and the motivation simply is not there anymore. Your fingers are itchy to reply to some of your friends on msn or eager to stalk people on facebook. We all have those moments as students and really, it can’t be help; study or fooling around? Pretty hard to answer eh?

I myself have gone through my time of procrasination and totally adore it… until the consequences come back to hunt me. I’m pretty sure most visitors here are nerds themselves, but for those who just need a little something to keep their motivationi stable here’s a few tips.

First thing first.Computers should off

You KNOW it when you need your computer. If you’re doing a research or typing an essay and go on, use your computer as much as you like. Put a little background music if you feel like it. However, if you’re balancing chemistry equations, resolving a brain killer problem in physics or math, you know that the computer shouldn’t be on. Computer is one of the biggest source of distraction when studying. Either you’re seeing the msn box popping up because someone just talked to you or just the fact that you know you have full access to the internet is already enough to disturb your studies. We all know it; when you stop thinking for a second about the math problem and respond to your friend, the whole line of thoughts is disturbed and most likely, you’ll spend double the time you need to resolve the equation. We don’t want that. Furthermore, the brain is not programmed to do many things at once. Us girls like to multitask but that actually lower our IQ. Stay focus.

You think you need a background music to work? Nah, you’re not entirely right.

Like I’ve said, you shouldn’t do many things at once, especially when you’re studying because studying is an awfully big task for your brain. When you work with a background music, your concentration is more or less disturbed and on a long term basis, that’s not super healthy. I’m not saying you’ll get ADD, but you get what I mean. If it is a habit, quit it.

Take breaks. Not you, your brain.

After an hour and a half of studying, your brain can be considered pretty saturated. Even if you don’t ”feel” that tired, it is best to take a break to let your brain breathe and regain its stock of oxygen. Take a walk around your room, in the kitchen, grab an apple, exchange a few words with mama or papa, go wash your face, etc.

Don’t. surf. on. the. web.

A break doesn’t mean you have 10 minutes to go stalk people on facebook or photoshop an icon. Go lay down on your bed and close your eyes or something. Don’t force your eyes even more! When studying, you’re only inches away from your book so after a while, you need to make your eyes focus on something further than a few inches. Same goes with the computer. The screen is way too near you, so don’t waste your break forcing your eyes to overwork. I won’t be doing through the whole “eyes exercises” but google it (or ask jie), you should know that stretching eyes is as important as jogging trice a week. If that’s not done already. If not, strech your back once or twice before going back to study mode.

Drink water like there’s no tomorrow

Yeah, you heard me. You’re allowed to go to the washroom as many times as you want. People don’t notice that when they study for hours, their body becomes quite dehydrated. Especially people like me that study with a cup of coffee. Coffee dehydrates a lot. If you drank a cup of coffee, you should compensate with at least a bottle of water (500ml).

Change the atmosphere

This can be a problem if there are many people at home, but if not, try to study in another room after a while. It changes the mood and give you that kick in the butt to continue studying. Since I’m home alone often, after a while of studying in my room, I will go to the dining room to study. DON’T STUDY IN FRONT OF YOUR TV PLEASE!

And by the way, don’t start grabbing anything around you in the kitchen to eat. You’re trying to study, not to gain extra pounds.

Junk food is a no-no

Junk food makes you feel sick and demotivated. Junk food makes you gain weight unconsciously because you’re studying therefore sitting on a chair and doing nothing physically. Junk food is not cool, okay?

Eat fruit. I suggest super fruit like berrie. Any antioxydants should do. Why? Go google the benefits of antioxydants

Ready to study now 😛 ?

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Spam be gone

I hope.

I activated Akismet so hopefully that takes care of the spam.

Escapees, how are you ladies? I had to renew my hosting the other day so that marks almost 2 years of Escape 🙂

Btw, as you know, I love online shopping, so I started a shopping review blog. Just for fun. Nothing serious. Check it out if you like. It’s called Time To Shop! Nothing much there yet though 😛

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