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Smoked Salmon & Seaweed Rolls
Yummy dish to serve your guests,
no cooking necessary.
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Pasta the Fairy’s way
Pasta sauce with an Indonesian touch
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Chocolate and Coconut Bars
Pile on layers of chocolate and coconut for
a simple sweet treat – quick and easy to fix.
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Homemade Ice Cream
How to make ice cream without using any mechanical tools, just your hands and brain.
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Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
Craving a cold drink to cool down on a warm, sunny afternoon or a nice drink to serve guests at a party?
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Chocolate Chip Cookies
What’s better than to relax and enjoy some homemade chocolate chip cookies at home?
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Hoisin Sauce Noodles
fast, simple, and delicious noodles in just minutes!
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Berries and Crêpes
Easy, sweet, colourful!
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“School/Study Tips”

Choosing college/university
Which way to go?
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Procrastinators unite… NOW!!
Want to stop procrastination but don’t know where to start?
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Preventing Yourself from Plagiarizing
We all know it’s wrong, now we have
to acknowledge it and learn how to stop.
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How to Make Proper Credits
An article related to plagiarism. Useful for school assignments when you forget your references’ document at school (:
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Find motivation
A cool tip to help you gain the motivation to work instead of procrastinating and end up crying 🙂
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“Tech Tips”

Extract audio (mp3) from Youtube Video
Found a nice song in YouTube? Find out how you create mp3 file out of it.
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Escape’s eSnips Audio Downloader
Download eSnips audio the easy way.
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Things to keep in mind before you do a layout
Certains things everyone should have in mind when doing a layout.
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“Lifestyle Tips”

How to be Happy
Ways to make your day a little brighter 😀
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How to Play Tag
Variations of the game TAG in celebration for Spring
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Hunting Asian CD/DVD Online
If it is your first time, online shopping in general can be scary, let alone hunting for good deals on Asian CDs/DVDs. The internet is huge, sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Here I share some tips to hopefully get you started.
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Creating a Street Look
If you’re bored with the oridinary t-shirt and jeans, and want to switch it up to something more modern, try an outfit like this. Tips on how to create a funky street-like outfit.
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“Fandom Tips”

Where to Post Your Fanfics
See where are the best places to post your fanfics.
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“Online Shop Reviews”
Online CD/DVD store
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Strapya World
Cute stuffs paradise
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yoNEED Jewelry
Fashion jewelry at budget price
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Pinky Paradise Shop
Asian beauty products and circle lenses
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YesStyle Shop
Asian fashion clothes and other asian products
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