Escape’s Site History

“A Peek Back in Time…”


It all began with the site Serenity, previously known as Peace-Serenity. Trang, Mimi, and Janise started this poster/review site early in 2007. Eagerly, CAT, Karen, and Shelley joined as fanfic reviewers, because they had no experience with Photoshop at the time. Soiia joined as a graphics designer, and a few months later, fairy219, or whom we know as our beloved “Ling Jie” started her reviewing job. We diligently completed the requests that poured in, but time rolled by fast, and before we knew it, summer was over and school was on the verge of starting again. We agreed that taking requests was becoming too time-consuming, so Serenity was converted into a portfolio site led by Trang, Soiia, and Mimi.

With Serenity gone, the staffs grew restless. We began to move in our own directions, but promised to keep in touch. One by one, we started making our own sites, and our sites became “siblings” with one another. CAT had Linger, Jie had Dream, Shelley had Thoughts, and Serenity was still a wonderful portfolio/resource/request site. Still, somehow, none of us felt quite right. Not being together was like leaving family members. So one day, our brilliant older sister Ling came up with the idea of combining all of our sites. The idea of leaving our own sites seemed scary at first but working together as a family sounded more and more thrilling. Escape became our real escape from the stress in our daily lives.

Past Layouts

Version 1.0
Feat.: DBSK, unknown model
From: March 08 to June 08
Version 2.0
From:June 08 to May 09
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