The official hiatus label

Hello to all people who are still following Escape, and for the new people that came across the site =)

I will first start by thanking the awesome people that supported Escape when it was being updated almost daily (yeah, that was a while ago) by all of our members. You guys are awesome! Also, a bit hug for the other frequent visitors that came once in a while to this site to get support AND to cheer for us 😀

However, with our busy schedules, Escapees can no longer update the site frequently and constantly like we used to. Heck, we barely have the time to catch each other on MSN 🙁 Also, I don’t think it’ll be fair to blame it on school and work, because admit it or not, our graphic design craving is dying a little bit more everyday and our interests are all diverging. Although I tell myself that I can always add more stocks once in a while, I just seem to lack the motivation to open photoshop, prepare myself some coffee while it loads and work Ps for hours. And I think I’m not the only one 😛 all Escape members seem to have better things to do.

So, instead of closing down Escape, we’ve decided (actually, it was fairy’s idea a while back, but we were still too in denial about the thought that Escape is about to stop getting updated) to leave Escape as it is. Thus visitors can still use our textures, stocks and read tutorials when needed. Basically, everything on the site will remain…except for the updates 😛 Therefore, feel free to surf around (and please credit). For broken links, please email us via the “Contact Us” section and we’ll try to fix it when possible*.

*I’m saying “when possible” because there are parts of tutorials or images that are not on our computers anymore, which explain why we might not be able to fix certain links.

As for the questions that we received via the tagbox, well, I guess many of you have noticed that they were pretty much left unanswered and we’re actually really sorry for that. Because of the lack of updates, we didn’t manage to answer them properly. For the few affies requests we received (still via the tagbox), the rules were clear that we only consider affies requests via the affies pages.

Now, enough blablas, THANK YOU to everyone and hopefully, you guys will understand this decision 🙂 I guess the fan-art designers of the same generation understand Escapees’ decision; we’re getting too old to catch up with the young sites out there 😛

For the young bloggers, I hope you all the best; I have the chance to go to Australia to meet Fairy after almost 3 years knowing each other 😀 It was a GREAT trip and I had lots lots of fun! Have fun meeting new people, but stay safe 😉


soiia escaping on June 8th, 2010 | 1 escape

good job soiia 😀

by fairy | June 15th, 2010 at 10:11 pm
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